The Story of Me

For those that may have accidentally landed on my page, I thank you. This may not have been the profile you were searching for initially, but I can promise that my outspoken content can at times be an enthralling read.

I was born in Philadelphia, and grew up in South Jersey (Yes, North and South Jersey should be two distinct states).

I do not have the best memories of childhood being that my birth became more or less a regret rather than a celebration, but was blessed with being born left-handed and being in love with Sylvester Stallone, so for now will skip to the year of 2005.

In 2005, I was at a pretty desperate point in my life. I was drowning in debt and could hardly afford my 1 bedroom apartment in Cherry Hill. I was working as an Office Manager / IT Technician / Benefits Adminstrator at a Mortgage company. I had no pride those days, if a colleague wanted to take me out to lunch I would gladly accept. When that did not occur in lieu of leftovers for dinner, my meals consisted of condiments.

I decided I needed to move out of state. New Jersey is not exactly a living comfort, especially when factoring in car insurance and taxes. So I decided to start my search. I wanted to continue to live on the east coast, for no other reason than being close enough to drive to Philadelphia. If you hadn’t already guessed my teams are the: Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, and Phillies. Being able to frequent my religion of the illustrious chain of convenience stations: Wawa would also be an added benefit.

I brought up a map of the United States, closed my eyes and pointed. My finger landed on Raleigh, North Carolina.

This is how I decided where I would live. Most likely crazy, but a true story nonetheless. Unfortunately I found out after I moved, that Wawa did not exist in North Carolina.

April of 2005 I drove to Raleigh looking for an apartment. I had no idea of the area when booking my hotel room but decided that the area of “Crabtree” sounded safe and quaint. I stayed at the La Quinta, which had a leaky roof, and began my apartment search.

I viewed a few properties and then decided on one right off of Capital Boulevard. I learned, after the fact, that this is a very busy, “grit-your-teeth” type of highway. My application was approved and I was ready to move.

Two months later, June 20, 2005 to be exact, I packed up my belongings. This consisted of two trash bags of clothes, a microwave, and a laptop. I stopped at the Wawa in Cherry Hill at 3:30 AM to get a coffee and was on my way. Driving solo, with my favorite music, no friends or family to say good-bye to or greet me when I would arrive.

Other than the horror of having to pump my own gas, I still will never get over this inconvenience, I arrived safe and sound in my state. I signed my lease, unpacked my car, and started looking for a job.

Oh, I didn’t mention that small detail, I moved without having an employer. Being my checking and savings account were practically non-existent after making my deposit on my apartment, I could tell you the anxiety I was feeling was quite intense.

I will never forget, walking into the Target down the street, and pacing the food aisles wishing I could afford a proper meal. My eyes would often catch the happy families near me and I would feel a pang of remorse as well as hunger in the pit of my stomach.

I slept on my apartment floor for about a month. Everyday applying to jobs on CareerBuilder and Monster. A call finally came in for an interview. It was a job I applied to while I still lived in New Jersey. I wrote down the address and looked up the directions via MapQuest.

It was in the not-so-great section of Durham, and I remember getting lost. I was slightly late to my interview, but miraculously ended up with a job offer.

I was to be the IT Administrator of a small collection company, when I did not have any work to do that involved Technology, I would call patients of local hospitals demanding payment of extremely past due invoices.

This was not a great place to work, especially due to the fact the employees were all close-knit, and I was an outsider from “up north” that had a weird accent.

But without this job I would have decidedly ended up homeless. I would never have been able to afford an air mattress, some decent meals, and later on a television.

This is the story of me.




Originally from Philadelphia, I have a Rocky Balboa mentality. Product Manager & DEI Advocate by day / Community Manager & Graduate student by night.

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Eva Beasley

Eva Beasley

Originally from Philadelphia, I have a Rocky Balboa mentality. Product Manager & DEI Advocate by day / Community Manager & Graduate student by night.

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